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    One of the things we value most in ELPEZDORADO, is the possibility that it offers us to collaborate with professionals from other disciplines. We will not be the first ones to mention the potential of teamwork and the scope of any idea when different creative profiles are part of the same process. It is a real luxury for us to be accompanied by them on this trip. Together we build a learning space every day, with professional ethic and creativity.


    ATIZA is Manuel Espino, designer and artist. We like to define Manuel as a multifaceted person because he does everything, and everything he does he does very well. For ELPEZDORADO, Manuel designs catalogues and web.

    Manuel works on his own brand atiza.me, a casual and humorous proposal that, in addition to creating cool products, has an interesting commitment to gender issues and popular culture. Atiza not only covers its own products but also carries out design commissions such as logos, cards, magazines, web pages … You can’t miss his work!


    Lucas sees life through a camera. Collaborate with ELPEZDORADO taking photos, specifically in the sessions with model. In addition to the aesthetic sensibility and the resources he handles, it is a pleasure to work with him not only because he knows what we want but also because he always has something to contribute. If you are looking to work with someone who has initiative, who knows how to propose ideas and perform them perfectly, do not hesitate to address him. You can see his work as a photographer of events and weddings at Honey moon.


    We not only learn side by side but also from brands that we like and admire a lot. Artists who know how to recycle and reconvert themselves. All of them create wonders that walk parallel to us and we can not stop looking. Some of them are:

    Cadascú (Furniture, wooden toys and more)

    Colorín colorado (Original bags and clips for children)

    Juanita Banana (Contemporary clothing full of color)

    Canoa (Ceramic and artistic jewelry)

    El dios de los tres (Illustration in all formats)

    La nevera ediciones (Screen printing and stamping)

    Raúl Soria (Illustration + prints)

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