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    As for many independent brands, it is essential for us to participate in handmade design fairs.

    These are areas where we meet many of the designers who currently work and manage their own brands. Spaces where we exchange impressions, participate in different ideas and share our development as professionals. Fairs like Mercado de Diseño in Madrid, Palo Alto Market in Barcelona are good examples at a national level. Abroad, FeshMarkt or Holy Shit Shopping are references regarding this type of platforms in which we usually take part.

    Furniture, jewelry, clothing of different styles, decoration material, fashion accessories (such as watches, ties, handbags), mobile accessories, ceramics, bicycles, toys, paper publications, lamps, limited-edition books … They are only a portion of the countless objects that make up these handmade design “gardens”.


    Our main motivation is that together, brands, public and organizing companies, we can generate an alternative to fast multinational consumption. A different way of

    buying. We try to react against the fast works with time and dedication, and against massive fashion with exclusive design. Acquiring a piece of design or handmade piece, means acquiring or giving away time associated with creative and ethical values. Values, ​​all of them, which inevitably imply a more sustainable way of living.

    At the same time, we have the opportunity to get direct feedback from our audience. It is a valuable experience that allows us to connect with you and improve every day.

    We are convinced that this events are the best places to innovate and add more value, because we can meet our costumers and know how the feel our aesthetics, the material we use or the way in which we prepare the product you will wear or you will give to a person who are important to you.

    En una feria de diseño handmade

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